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Study in India

Dear Sir,

My daughter is currently in Class 12 and I would like her to pursue a bachelors degree in Mathematics. What are the colleges or institutes she should focus on for now and later for higher studies?



Dear Ajoo, 

Mathematics as an exclusive degree course is offered in reputed institutions including IISERs, IITs, NITs, IISc, Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai Mathematical Institute and others. Integrated MSc after 12th is also offered by selected institutions such as NISER, Amrita, etc. It will be good if she decides what her long-term career goals are with regard to mathematics, for example, research, teaching, econometrics, statistics, data analytics, etc. based on which she can decide on her higher studies. In case, she does not get into one of the all-India level institutions, she can pursue a degree in Math along with two other subjects in any reputed college and then plan for her higher studies.



Dear Sir,

I am currently in class 12, with PCMB as my subjects, and I am planning to take up Aerospace engineering after my 12th. I would like to join ISRO Bengaluru though I know that it is not easy to get admission there. I would like to take up Aerospace Engineering, but I am worried and confused. I have a doubt whether I would study or give up because it's tough. My relatives are advising that math is tough in aerospace engineering. Please suggest whether I can take up aerospace engineering, the level of difficulty and the scope for it.



Dear Priyanka,

It is not true that aerospace engineering is the ‘toughest’ among all branches. It entirely depends on your aptitude, inclination and skills. It is true that you need good proficiency in Math, but that is equally applicable to some of the other branches too. There are two ways of getting into the aerospace sector or ISRO, either by doing basic engineering and then specialising in aeronautics at the post-graduate level, or taking up aerospace engineering at degree level itself. At degree level, many reputed colleges offer this option, including IITs, NITs, etc. Karnataka also has half a dozen colleges offering aeronautical engineering. One of the most reputed is Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology IISST in Thiruvananthapuram, which has been sponsored by ISRO and admission is through JEE-Advanced (see details on


Dear Sir,

I am an electronic and communication student but due to my careless behaviour, I have seven subjects backlog. I lost a year because of this. So, I wanted to know how can I utilise this time and what courses I can take up that are also useful to my stream. Also, I want tips on how I can avoid using the phone for a longer time.



Dear Gautam,

Though I am sorry you had to lose a year, if you utilise this gap year fruitfully you can actually be at an advantage over your peers. Identify the areas you need to strengthen yourself – firstly whether you need to put in most of your efforts to study and clear the seven subjects or will you require any coaching for them, then you can select areas where you feel you can improve yourself – computer applications and usage, personality development, communication skills, general knowledge, etc. Accordingly, you can take up either short-term courses or internship to improve your practical skills. It will also help if you identify your long-term goals, and thus build up skills for the type of work you will be doing in future.


Dear Sir,

I am a first-year law student pursuing BBA, LLB. I am happy with my choice and want to create a career in law. But, I had been a science student till Class 12 and love sciences, especially Chemistry. Is there any additional course in Chemistry I can take up along with law just for my love for the subject. 

Ghanavi Umesh


Dear Ghanavi,

As long as it does not disturb your regular studies, you can certainly take up courses in Chemistry. You can opt for free Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) from portals such as, Open2Study, iversity,,, etc. You can also approach Bangalore Science Forum or IISc (see that have science-related part-time courses, particularly during vacation time.


Dear Sir,

I am a Class 11 student. I wish to join the Indian Air Force. I wanted to know if I could pursue my engineering in the NDA. I feel engineering would help in my career. If not, could you please suggest any other institutions which offer degree along with training?

Tejas Hegde


Dear Tejas,

You can give the NDA entrance exam this year (details on, and if you are selected, you will be allotted, based on your merit ranking and aptitude, service in army, navy or air force. Once you have joined as a cadet, different specializations such as flying, technical, the administration will be allotted, and accordingly, you will have an opportunity to pursue engineering if selected. Alternatively, you may pursue engineering in any college and then apply for entry into the technical branch of the Indian Air Force.


Dear Sir, I am a Class 9 student. I want to take up astrophysics. What are the further steps or courses to be taken for this? Which are the best colleges in India offering astrophysics?



Dear Sam,

Astrophysics is mostly offered in India at the post-graduate level.  You may take up science after 10th, appear for the KVPY exam and get into a good institution to study basic physics. Eventually, you can go on to specialise in astrophysics at Indian Institute of Astrophysics ( or IISc in Bengaluru, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Thiruvananthapuram, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Pune, Osmania University Hyderabad, Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences Nainital etc.

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