Conduent Inc grows employee base in India

Conduent Inc grows employee base in India

The recruitment is necessitated primarily by Conduent's focus on emerging technologies

Conduent Incorporated, a NYSE listed digital interactions company, is shifting jobs from the US to India banking on a concept the company calls "accu-shoring".

The company, spun off from Xerox Corporation two years ago, has a India-based staff of 12,000 employees and an established presence in eight Indian cities in India, the latest being an office in Vishakhapatnam.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Conduent Inc Asia-Pacific (APAC) Chief Executive Officer Lokesh Prasad said the expansion is part of the company's core business focus called accu-shoring.

"Accushoring means using talent anywhere in the world and giving it the flexibility to leverage human capital from locations with the best balance of skill, availability and costs," he said.

The move to hire more in India is looked at from the company's global strategy, which reduced staff headcount from 90,000 in December 2017 to nearly 84,000 by the end of June 2018.

India and the APAC regions are strategic markets and growth regions for the company. Prasad said the company's investment in the region ensures access to a diverse pool of technology talent and further reinforces Conduent’s leading position in technology services in India.

Besides being home to one of the company’s two technology centres, Conduent India also manages essential aspects of client operations while interfacing directly with the people they serve, he said.

The recruitment is necessitated primarily by Conduent's focus on emerging technologies such as mobile and Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML) and statistics, human interactions and experience design, blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

Prasad said the Conduent Labs India facility is central to the future of Conduent‘s global growth, developing the latest technology for mobile and IoT, human-computer interaction, machine learning, text and multimedia analytics.

"It is one of the two innovation centres we have globally, including one outside Raleigh, North Carolina (US), and has emerged as a premier research facility in the region with an impressive list of scientific awards and achievements," he said.