Aegis to add 5,000 workers in India by end of 2016

Aegis to add 5,000 workers in India by end of 2016

Aegis to add 5,000 workers in India by end of 2016

Aegis, the business process outsourcing (BPO) arm of the Essar Group, will hire 5,000 more people for India operation by the end of this year, and will open a new centre in Gwalior.

“We are finding good traction in business verticals like telecom, ecommerce and banking. It has necessitated us to make a net addition of 5,000 in the country,” Aegis Global Chief Executive Officer Sandip Sen told DH.

Sen said because of intense competition in the market, many clients think that customer service is very important. “In India, everyone is focussing on the customer. The trend is happening in the telecom segment with the arrival of new players and competitors are compelled to service customers well,” he said. 

He said the company will open its 29th centre in Gwalior within a couple of weeks. It has 28,000 employees and the new addition will be for customer service and back office work.

He also said that pricing is no longer an issue in the Indian market. “Now clients are ready to pay more for technology. So we are getting good business even from  India,” he said.

Aegis, which started its Malaysia operation with the acquisition of Symphony BPO Solutions in 2014, is registering exponential growth. “We are growing four times there with the employee strength reaching up to 3,000. Apart from complementing our service from India, Malaysia will also service our international clients and eventually become the hub for our pan-Asia expansion strategy,” he said.

Besides good opportunities in the Middle East with the oil prices coming down, Aegis is also finding business opportunity in South Africa. “In the Middle East, clients are looking at companies that can serve them well to tide over the oil crisis. They want to reduce the cost by outsourcing services,” he said.

On Brexit, he said that the company is not affected by it. “It is an opportunity for Aegis as there will be barriers between Britain and Eastern Europe. We can take advantage of this situation. India and South Africa can play as major delivery centres for these regions,” he said.

Besides social media platform AegisLISA, its association with startups in digital service and analytics gives the company added advantage with client centricity as its value proposition.

Aegis has more than 40,000 employees globally, and the company registered double-digit growth in revenues.
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