Bosch ready to implement BS-VI norms

Bosch ready to implement BS-VI norms

Jan O Rohrl, Chief Technology Officer & Director, Bosch Limited. DH Photo

Automotive components major Bosch is ready to implement the BS-VI emission norms that will kick in from April 1, 2020, a top company official said.

Jan O Rohrl, Chief Technical Officer and Director of Bosch Limited said that he is convinced that they will be ready together with its customers.

“OEMs are responding positively and people are optimistic and BS-VI will be a change and it will improve air quality,” Rohrl said, adding that it is a radical change.

Only in 2017, India moved from BS-III to BS-IV and the Supreme Court ordered that vehicles with engines compliant with BS-IV standards must be sold from April 1, 2017.

By skipping BS-V, India will directly go to BS-VI. The auto component major’s engineers are getting trained in Europe and Japan to learn specific technology. They will come back and train the other engineers.

“We are combining theoretical with practical and we are also training our customers,” Rohrl said.

Soumitra Bhattacharya, MD of Bosch Limited said, “The automotive industry in India accounts for 7.1% of the country’s GDP. This is expected to increase in the future as well, as India gears up to implement BS-VI norms and adopt electro-mobility solutions built for Indian conditions.”

Bosch, one of the largest suppliers of mobility solutions, is also focusing on connected future. Talking about electric vehicles, Rohrl said there are many challenges that are common across countries and there are India-specific challenges like the cost of the vehicles and infrastructure.

Bosch has already started working on connected mobility solutions. Its DigiSense is the intelligence box which tracks vehicle performance and usage patterns.

“Things are happening and we just started to explore together with our customers,” he added.