'Access to mobility is important enabler of economy'

By Vivekananda H.R,

“Access to mobility is an important enabler of the economy. We expect this government to give high priority to building a holistic inter and intra-city mobility solutions. A single central policy on mobility and ridesharing could be one way to solve urban commute while decongesting cities. As part of this should be greater emphasis on building EV infrastructure in the country, especially in the space of battery technology. One way the government could incentivise this would be to extend the R&D benefits to non-manufacturing companies to any company that undertakes the development of cutting edge technologies. Other critical areas government can boost the mobility sector is by reducing GST for mobility vehicles either upfront or via a refund mechanism or through duty credit scrips. There is also enough merit to relax ECB guidelines for mobility assets by reducing the repayment duration from the current 5 years to under 2 years.”  

The author is CEO and Co-Founder of Bounce. 


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