'Appeal the govt to relax the angel tax norms'

 Mr. Sadiq Sait, Founder and CEO, uLektz Learning Solutions

Government had rolled out Startup India in 2016 and the focus since then has been to build a robust startup ecosystem in the country. We appeal the government to relax the angel tax norms and allow the startups to scale their businesses in India. Banks need to be sensitised about the potential of startups which the government can help in laying a path and pave way for funds from the financial institutions.

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The best practices need to be made available for the entrepreneurs in the country which can be extended to skilling the people in the industry and encourage the growth of start-ups in different sectors in the country. Existing startup regulations need to be looked at and provide a growth potential coupled with robust entrepreneurial ecosystem and drive the emerging businesses in the country.

The author is the Founder and CEO of uLektz Learning Solutions.

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