'Boost fund allocation for renewable sector'

Mr. Yogesh Mudras, MD, UBM India

In terms of growth in the renewable sector last year, the industry witnessed, various developments that were powered by various policies, reforms and investments as its one focal sector for the government. The continued government support and improved economics attracted more investments in the developmental growth of the sector. However, there was a period where India was missing targets due to number of reasons, one of them being the implementation of the GST.

In the upcoming budget, we are expecting the government to boost fund allocation for sector to support the development of renewable energy parks and for expansion of inter-state transmission infrastructures.

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The travel and tourism industry expect efficient execution of policies and improvement of infrastructure and better connectivity that will help both international as well domestic tourist. Hence a tax incentive for tours and hotels operators will boost the sector. We are hopeful that the government will also look after new attraction like cruise terminals.

The author is the MD of UBM India.

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