Budget 2019 expectation: Increase agriculture subsidies

By R P Yadav

Currently, the GDP growth is the lowest at around 6 %, unemployment is the highest at around 6-7%, industrial growth is also the lowest.

The fiscal deficit is in a stagnant stage, keeping this in view, the government should take the following decisions in the coming budget

  • Increase in the infrastructure budget
  • Corp. Tax should be around 25%
  • Incentive on Green Field Project which will lead to a growth in GDP and employment
  • It is expected that the income tax should go from 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs.
  • There should be relief on NPS withdrawal increase in ATC limit. The government may introduce tax-free bonds.
  • This tax will also give benefit to skill development, agricultural increase subsidy”

RP Yadav is CMD of Genius Consultants Ltd.

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