Budget 2019: Shape policy ecosystem to push risk-taking

Saurav Goyal, CFO, Money View

The Indian government is taking numerous positive proactive steps to create a stronger ecosystem for the nation’s vibrant start-up market. Yet beyond physical spaces and support systems, the policy ecosystem must also be shaped to encourage risk-taking, innovation and growth. The Government as part of the budget should provide necessary clarity in terms of taxation norms and make a requisite change in the policies in accordance with the latest business practices, post factoring another regulatory requirement. The way forward on policy-making in India must follow a truly consultative and multi-stakeholder model that ensures a wide representation of interests at all stages of the process. This not only complies with international best practices but will also allow India to balance its national interests with access to global markets.

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Digital India requires a private and public sector synergy. The engagement of the private sector in national development programs has the potential to serve and develop ends across any and all sectors. It will support the government by providing suitable infrastructure and technology-led facilities to consumers. Besides this, there will be a good inflow of innovative ideas and modern technologies from the private sector that will give a boost to the Digital India Programme.


The author is the CFO of Money View.

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