Rail connectivity is important to boost country’s trade

Suramya Nevatia, CEO, Hind Rectifiers Ltd.

by  Suramya Nevatia

“Rail connectivity is an important element to ensure seamless transport to boost country’s trade; development of smart, efficient and inter-linked transport network will play a vital role in developing the sector also it will help in making government initiatives like “Make in India” a success. Boosting it through supportive infrastructure and adequate connectivity to handle the increasing traffic volumes will help it grow and thrive. In the Interim Budget, railways got the highest-ever allocation for the year 2019-20. Despite having the third-largest network in the world, Indian Railway is yet to expand to welcome more passengers aboard. Several areas of the country still don't have easy access to trains and in some places where they do, the existing infrastructure is not large enough to accommodate them. We look forward to strategic announcements on increased investment in infrastructure that will help boost Indian Railways as a whole.”

The author is CEO of Hind Rectifiers Ltd.

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