'The UDAN scheme can be given a boost'

Satanik Roy, Co Founder, HyperXchange  

The growing use of the internet and increasing dependency on smartphones has brought cheer to the internet startup sector in India. However, rural areas of India still demand better infrastructure to promote the penetration of smartphones. As the Indian economy moves towards creating its global digital footprint, it is expected that the Indian government will further promote penetration of smartphones by incentivising refurbished and introducing schemes which will include installing more wi-fi hotspots in rural and semi-urban areas. The UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik) scheme can also be given a boost, which will enable companies and startups to set up operations in smaller towns which will then indirectly lead to bridging the urban-rural divide. 

The author is the Co Founder of HyperXchange. 

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