'Budget has good focus on using tech to develop agri'

'Budget has good focus on using tech to develop agri'

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By Om Routray

"The budget has been favourable thus far towards agriculture and allied sectors. There is a good focus on using technology to develop agriculture in India. The commitment to double farmer income by 2022  is an ambitious goal and can only be achieved by the use of technology. Better water management, ensuring traceability and crop management, weather reporting etc can be done much more effectively through the use of technology. Blockchain is another solution that can and should be deployed in this area for better profitability. 

We've seen how such technologies have been used in other countries like Zimbabwe, Kenya, Bangladesh. Agriculture and related industries are still the backbones of India and the renewed focus on these sectors, and implementation of advanced technologies is a positive sign."

(The writer is Vice President Marketing of SourceTrace)