'Expect govt to work towards education policies'

Expect govt to work towards education policies, says BridgeLabz founder Narayan Mahadevan

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By Narayan Mahadevan

With the new Modi government coming in and this being the first Budget on Modi 2.0, it is important that the government sets a precedent by focussing on further increasing support for upskilling and reskilling of the youth. The government should also provide support to various startups and firms that are currently engaged in helping the Indian youth become employable and face the challenges that technology would bring in the future. Special focus and support for organizations that create an employable pool with experiential learning and industry based live mentorship is imperative so that the ecosystem gap is reduced. We expect the government of India to work towards education policies, and help incremental changes within the engineering and IT sector by supporting organizations to bring about this change.

(The writer is the Founder of BridgeLabz)