'Govt needs to ensure protection of private healthcare'

Govt needs to ensure protection of private healthcare: Cytecare Cancer Hospitals

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By Suresh Ramu

"While the government has started initiatives related to universal healthcare coverage through Ayushman Bharat, I hope, as we head into a new decade, there is more allocated to the sector. India has one of the lowest spendings on healthcare globally and I would like to see more focus and funds put into the country's healthcare segment. It is also important to focus on the quality of clinical care and outcome, and not just the transactional cost as ultimately this is what would be beneficial to the society. 

For the private sector, we need to get infrastructure status from the government for healthcare with fast-track regulatory and approvals including tax rebates, subsidies and import duty reductions where Indian products are not available in the market. The cost of providing healthcare is rising and the government needs to ensure that private healthcare is protected and supported in the country."

Suresh Ramu, co-Founder and CEO, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals