'Need quality edu framework, job scopes for young docs'

Need quality education framework, job prospects for young doctors: Shifa Care

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By Manish Chhabra

“10% increase in Healthcare Budget to Rs 69,000 Cr is welcoming. As mentioned over 6 million new taxpayers were added in the last two years and by 2030 India will become the largest workforce, India should invest dis-proportionate increase in healthcare budget to healthy working India to catch up to OECD spend.

Creating more medical colleges at district level hospitals is a welcoming step, however quality framework to education and appropriate job prospects for young doctors should be created. We would like to see innovation investments in new era of Medicine of Targeted Medicine for immuno-oncology, biologics & biosimilars to have more patents under India's name with Public Private Partnership (PPP).”

IPR is a critical step to generate Intellectual properties and protection will attract more innovation and entrepreneurship, e.g. All India Genome mapping would enhance preventative health and quantum computing is the future of speed and computing. We are acutely conscious for removal of manual scavenging and welcome Rs 85,000 Cr for implementation of technology, as we see it relatively connected to healthcare budget which have been allocated, healthcare needs to be prioritised proportionally.”

(The writer is the CEO & Founder of Shifa Care)