'Rural students spend more on books than urban peers'

Rural students spend more on books than their counterparts in urban areas: Economic Survey

Cover of the first volume of Economic Survey 2019-20. (PTI Photo)

Contrary to common perception, average students in the rural areas are spending more on books as compared to their counterparts in urban areas.

The latest Economic Survey, tabled by the government in Parliament on Friday, has noted that students in rural areas spent more than 10 percentage points on books, stationary and uniform as compared to those studying in urban areas.

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The books, stationary and uniform form the second largest component of average expenditure on education by the students, after courses fee which include tuition, examination, developmental fees and other compulsory payments.

“Average student in the rural areas is surprisingly spending more than 10 percentage points as compared to (an average student in) urban areas,” the Survey underlined, referring to a national sample survey report on key indicators of household social consumption on education in India.

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