'Govt should also consider lowering GST on eLearning'

Union Budget 2020: 'Govt should also consider lowering GST on eLearning'

By Sameer Nigam,

CEO &Co-founder, Stratbeans

"2020 promises to be a huge year for digital transformation across industries. With the Union Budget set to be announced, we expect the government to introduce measures to provide the MSMEs sector a fair and equal opportunity to participate with large organizations. A level-playing field could be created by tax incentives.

The government should also consider lowering the rate of GST on eLearning and eLearning creation software to reduce the input cost of digital transformation projects, which are a key component of industry 4.0 initiatives. This will also make E-learning and video production software more affordable to a large number of consumers and create a higher growth rate for the gig economy in this sector.

Another key step that the government can take is to allot budgets for conducting Expos and trade shows for the IT players wherein we can showcase and pitch our tech services to Indian as well as global companies".