AITAF urges govt to rationalise GST rates

AITAF urges govt to rationalise GST rates

AITAF urges government to further rationalise GST rates. (pic for represntation only)

The All India Tax Advocates Forum (AITAF) on Thursday urged the government to further rationalise the GST rates to bring down the overall price level and improve the competitiveness of Indian goods and services in the global market.

“While one appreciates the efforts of the government to prune down the list of items under the 28% slab, still there is a need to further rationalise the tax rates as certain items of mass consumption like colour TV sets and air conditioners etc., still fall under the highest tax slab,” AITAF president M K Gandhi stated.

“It may not be feasible to strictly follow the single tax rate GST structure prevalent over most of the globe in India because of diverse nature of its population, yet the highest tax rate slab of 28% is totally unacceptable barring on those like tobacco items and luxury cars, he said.

Drawing the attention of the finance minister to other pressing issues concerning GST rules and procedures, the AITAF chief urged the government to urgently introduce necessary reforms to further simplify the return filing system and matching of credits.