Google Cloud India to focus on pricing philosophy

Google Cloud India to focus on pricing philosophy

Google Cloud India will focus on pricing philosophy to make its services more attractive for customers in the region.

In an interaction with DH, Managing Director, Google Cloud Platform, JAPAC (Japan-Asia-Pacific), Rick Harshman said Google cloud is getting tremendous traction from both Indian customers and MNCs. 

"We are the first company to come up with per minute billing. Then we came up with per second billing," Harshman said. 

Google Cloud is able to provide the most detailed pricing. "While other providers sign with customers for few years to get lower pricing, with us one can get started immediately. Customers will get an automatic discount if they reach above 75% of billing. In the following month, they will get another discount. This is called sustained usage discount," he said. 

He added that the company has also came up with committed usage discount. "What is fundamentally unique to Google is that we help clients to customise their virtual machines for the exact demand. If they opt for that, then the cost will reduce by 10%. We also have preemptible virtual machine offering where one can bid for certain prices," he said.

By 2020, the public cloud services market in India is poised to reach $4.10 billion. Since data is becoming an important component of business, companies are heavily depended on it. 

When asked about sales, he said the company has performed well by bringing on board global companies and Indian companies. "Cloud is really catching up in India and there are lot of opportunities even though we have other competitors," he said. 

Google Cloud offers businesses Google quality computing, security, data analytics, and other business tools. Google Cloud India region went live in Mumbai last year and helped the companies and enterprises in India to take advantage of the high speeds, low latency and performance benefits uniquely offered by Google Cloud Platform services.