Govt says no bank holiday next week

Govt says no bank holiday next week

The government on Friday scotched rumours of banks being closed for entire the next week due to festivals and strike by a certain section of employees in the Reserve Bank of India.

Social media was agog with rumours of banks being closed for six days in the first week of September.

“It has come to the notice that a rumour is circulating in sections of the social media that banks will be closed for six days from September 2 to September 8, causing undue panic among general public. It is hereby clarified that banks will remain open and banking activity will continue unimpeded in the first week of September,” the finance ministry said in a statement.

It said the banks will only observe holidays on Sunday, September 2 and thereafter on the second Saturday on September 8.

It further clarified that Janmashtami on September 3 (Monday)is not a pan-India holiday. Hence, the banks only in some states where a holiday is declared under the negotiable instruments act, will remain closed. New Delhi is not one of them.

“Ëven on that day, ATM in all states will be fully functional and tere will be no impact on online banking transactions. Banks have been advised to ensure that sufficient cash is available for the dispensation from ATMs. Banks will remain open on all other days,” the statement said.