Infy expects traction in IoT biz from four sectors

Infy expects traction in IoT biz from four sectors

Sudip Singh, Global Head, Engineering Services and IoT.

India's second largest IT services provider, Infosys, is expecting growth in its Internet of Things (IoT) services offering through four main sectoral verticals, a company official said.

"We expect Infosys’ IoT service offering to continue to add tremendous value to our clients in the short and mid-term, that will then naturally lead to continued industry-leading growth," Sudip Singh, global head, Engineering Services and IoT, told DH.

According to Singh, the company's target clients in IoT business predominantly come from manufacturing IoT, energy and utilities, resources and automotive sector and also includes clients around the consumer IoT space.

"The IoT service offering is one of our fastest growing offering across the industry. The clear resonance with business value has allowed us in gaining tremendous traction with our clients, and is being acknowledged across multiple analyst reports," he said.

Under industrial IoT, Infosys has six industry verticals currently - manufacturing, automotive, energy, utilities and resources, healthcare, insurance and life sciences, retail, CPG and logistics.

The company is also a founding partner in the consortium that developed the Acatech Industrie 4.0 (I4.0) Maturity Index.

Infosys has provided smart agriculture solutions to various clients. This includes fertilizer manufacturers, pesticide manufacturers, seed manufacturers, CPG industry, Agriculture Equipment and so on, according to Singh.  

The global population is expected to touch 9.6 billion by 2050, according to some recent reports, and to feed the population, the farming industry must embrace IoT.

"There are various areas of continuous investment Infosys is making in the IoT practice in the following area," Singh said.

The investments include building a new as well as enhanced current industry vertical solutions, build labs for innovation, co-creation with clients, marketing showcase to the prospects. 

The company already has labs on Industrial IoT, 3D Printing, Edge Computing, Industrial Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Oil and Gas, among others.

"Infosys will continue its investment to partner with universities and the academia," he said.