The jobs growing fastest in 2024

While some sectors like information technology may be facing global headwinds, most other sectors are set for growth and are experiencing a robust demand for talent. The fastest growing jobs are in the fastest growing sectors.
Last Updated : 04 June 2024, 00:58 IST
Last Updated : 04 June 2024, 00:58 IST

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Job creation in a country is influenced by multiple factors. The commitment to hiring and workforce expansion is driven by the overall economic expansion within the country, its regulatory and policy framework, and the technological progress within the country.

The International Monetary Fund has predicted a resilient growth of 7.8% for India for FY 2024-25, despite external economic and global geopolitical challenges. This portends well for the overall employment outlook within India. The sectoral outlook for various industries is also an important factor as different industries have independent business and growth cycle offering diverse opportunities for job seekers across industries.

India’s employment landscape is experiencing a significant transformation across various sectors. While some sectors like information technology may be facing global headwinds, most other sectors are set for growth and are experiencing a robust demand for talent. The fastest growing jobs are in the fastest growing sectors.

The integration of digital technologies across various sectors has created a significant demand for skilled professionals in software development, data science, cybersecurity, cloud computing, network engineering, IT services, helpdesk, and support.

The government’s focus on digital transactions is driving the emergence of the fintech sector, leading to a demand for professionals skilled in mobile and online banking technologies, customer experience design and cybersecurity. The traditional financial services sector in India is also undergoing significant expansion, driven by increasing demand for banking and insurance services and witnessing a transformation with technology integration.

Typical roles in demand with in the traditional Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector include: sales and customer services, treasury management, loan officers, branch managers, probationary officers, financial analysts, risk management, actuarial sciences and underwriting, claim adjusters and product management.

Another sector experiencing significant growth is healthcare. Factors like increased median longevity and heightened healthcare awareness have increased the need for medical services and preventive care. Technological advancements, including telemedicine and health apps, have enhanced healthcare accessibility. After the pandemic telemedicine and remote consultations have gained prominence.

Apart from doctors and nurses, other jobs being created in this industry include hospital administration, healthcare technicians, audiologists, pathology assistants, dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, mental health counselors, and home aides.

The resurgence of the Tourism sector following the pandemic is set to drive economic development and job creation providing employment prospects in hotel management, travel agencies, culinary arts, transportation, and related services. Furthermore, tourism-related services, such as souvenir shops and entertainment, are expanding employment opportunities in roles like guides, wildlife experts, and transportation providers.

The Indian Retail sector is undergoing a significant transformation with the increasing dominance of organised retail. As per a recent survey, this sector is expected to reach Rs 150 trillion by 2030. In-store sales assistants, store managers, cashiers warehouse management, and merchandisers are some of the fastest-growing jobs in this sector.

In addition to offline retail, e-commerce and digital marketing have become pivotal, with positions such as SEO specialists, content creators, social media managers, and digital advertising experts actively contributing to businesses’ online presence. This retail and e-commerce sector transformation is reshaping the job landscape in India, fostering diverse opportunities in logistics, warehousing, digital marketing, and related fields, thereby bolstering the Indian job market.

In the coming years, job growth in India will be fueled by a diverse range of industries. This diversification is beneficial as it promotes balanced and sustainable employment opportunities across various sectors, reducing over-reliance on any single industry.

(The author is the country manager at an HR firm)

Published 04 June 2024, 00:58 IST

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