Google Pay, banking apps not working on OnePlus 8

Google Pay, banking apps not working on OnePlus 8 series

Recently OnePlus rolled out a firmware update Oxygen OS to the OnePlus 8 series. Within a short span of time, several people started complaining that Google Pay and even the bank apps have stopped working on the phone.

OnePlus 8 owners have flooded the Reddit and OnePlus forum pages with complaints that the device cannot be used for any payment transaction. 

Some also have claimed that even McDonalds app too is not functioning properly on their device:

Some of the complaints posted on the OnePlus forum:

"I just received the Oxygen OS on my Oneplus 8 and installed it through Local Update (using Oxygen Updater).

After the update, I get an error in Google Pay that my device cannot be used for contactless payments because it does not meet security standards (screenshot attached). Everything worked before the update and Google Pay has been available in my coutry for quite some time now. Never had this issue when using Oxygen Updater before...
Can the problem be caused by Local update? Has anyone had this problem?
Thanks in advance."

Credit: Paskolinis/OnePlus forum

"And everything worked before this update as well?
I cannot make sense of possible cause.. the only thing that changed is the new update. No bootloader unlocks, no rooting.. and the OS image is not Beta or some custom build.."


Same issue here on EU OnePlus 8-- said adrien079 

It has come to our understanding the new update to the OnePlus 8 has made the device lose Google's safety net certification. The safety net ensures the device is running genuine, certified software. Any device that fails this test, all banking and even premium streaming apps such as Netflix will stop working sooner or later.

DH reached out to OnePlus to get a response on issues plaguing OnePlus 8 owners but hasn't responded yet.

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