Telegram gets new features ahead of new year

Telegram gets new features ahead of new year

Popular messenger app Telegram has begun rolling new updates with new features ahead of the new year 2022.

Some of the features include reactions emojis, message translations, spoilers, themed QR codes, and more.

Here are brief descriptions of new features coming to Telegram:

The company says each reaction appears with its own unique animation and users need not have to respond with text reply and instead, make use of the vast library of reactions emojis to reply back with simple steps.

On Android: Go to Chat Settings > Quick Reaction
On iOS: Stickers and Emoji > Quick Reaction.

Telegram's new feature

Reactions are always on in private chats. In groups and channels, the admins decide whether to turn on reactions and choose which reaction emoji are available in the chat.
Admins can control reactions via their group or channel's Info Page > Edit > Reactions.

Message Translations:
With this update, millions of users will be able to translate foreign languages on the Telegram messenger app

The translation feature is available on all Android devices that support Telegram, however, those with Apple iPhones must have the latest iOS 15+ version. The number of supported languages is equivalent to the languages available on the OS (Operating System).

Translate feature on Telegram. 

To enable translation in Settings >> Language. There, users get can add a dedicated Translate button to the context menu when selecting a message. Users can also exclude any languages they speak fluently – which will hide the translate button for those messages.

This is a fun and interactive messaging feature. This option lets send to hide a certain portion of the text with the help of ‘Spoiler’ formatting. This applies to the chat list and notifications, as well. Once the recipient taps the message, if they want to, the hidden text will be revealed.

Spoilers feature on Telegram

Theme-based QR code

With the update,  Telegram users will be able to generate QR codes for any users that have a public username. This also works for groups, channels, and bots.
Here's how to create a QR code

The new QR code icon is next to the username of a person (or from a chat’s info page), choose the colours and pattern that fit best, then print, post or share their QR codes to other apps and platforms.

Telegram is bringing new dedicated features to Macs as well. The new update improves the messenger app's context menus. It adds new shortcut hints and introduces animated icons for every single menu item in the app.

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