The Lead: What food service industry wants from Budget

The Lead: Expectations of food service industry from Budget

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Credit: PTI Photo

In this episode of The Lead from DH Radio,  Sanjay Kumar, CEO of Elior India, tells us about the issues pertaining to the food service industry and the hopes from the Union Budget.

Ahmed Shariff:  Hi this is Ahmed Shariff and welcome to the Lead by DH Radio. The Pandemic hit every industry including those operating food businesses. The upcoming Budget may come as a glimmer of hope them but let's understand what are there needs and what do they want. To talks about this, we are joined by Sanjay Kumar, CEO of Elior India, a food service company.

Hi Sanjay and welcome to DH Radio.

Sanjay: Hi. It's really nice talking to you. It's a pleasure being on your channel.

Ahmed: That's fantastic. Sanjay my first question to you is how did the pandemic disrupt your business?

Sanjay:  We did see a deacceleration in the business even prior to Covid-19 because of the fact that there was a decline in economic growth. But the onset of Covid-19 was literally like the last nail in the coffin for all foodservice players...

To know more about the conversation, listen to the podcast.

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