'Focus should be on healthcare and technology'

Union Budget 2021 | 'Focus should be on healthcare and technology'

Bhavin Turakhia. Credit: Flock.

By Bhavin Turakhia,

We believe the two most important sectors for the Government to focus on in the upcoming Union Budget should be healthcare and technology. Given the current vaccination drive, healthcare should continue to remain a key focus this year.

Similarly, with the ongoing pandemic, technology has become imperative in many industry sectors—education, BFSI, healthcare, and even manufacturing have realized the importance of jumping on the digital bandwagon.

Additionally, the government should invest in strengthening technologies around communication platforms, digital payments, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things.

It is vital that the budget draws out bold policy interventions to strengthen digital infrastructure which will eventually help the Indian economy return to its fast-paced growth phase.

(The author is the founder & CEO of Flock and Co-Founder and CEO, Zeta)