Vinformax to ramp up global presence, double headcount

Last Updated : 18 September 2016, 18:31 IST

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Three tech enthusiasts have come together to form a company under the leadership of a time-tested businessman. They want to play a greater role in the digital space, and have set a benchmark to come up with curated products for education and healthcare, in addition to products for small and medium enterprises.

Vinformax, a two-year-old IT and animation company, which has two offices in Bengaluru, has come up with products in education and healthcare sectors to add value to clients through its expertise in animation.

Vinformax Chairman Premchander Rajan said, “When I shared my intention to start a digital company with my co-founders Sridhar Subramanian (Chief Executive officer), Ravikumar Buddha (Chief Transformation Officer) and Subramanian Iyer (Chief Product Officer), they came up with a clear plan of launching a company in the education, healthcare and consulting space with focus on end clients.”

“My co-founders, who had wide-ranging professional experience, came up with a conviction that all organisations face similar problems in varying magnitude and that require simplistic solutions. And thus Vinformax was born,” he said.

In an interatcion with DH, Subramanian Iyer said that the company decided to invest in the sector by going to the most happening places of those technologies.

“We decided to open an office in Stockholm to get in touch with advanced product designers to ensure that we are in line with the advanced technology in the animation and digital space. This helped us come up with solutions availing the power of 3D stereoscopy and graphics in the realm of education. We produce world-leading curriculum-based lessons, using cutting-edge stereoscopic animation technology,” he said.

Iyer said these lessons in stereoscopic 3D help medical students learn the intricacies of human anatomy, physiology and biochemistry in stunning vividity. “Using the content approved by medical professionals, we created lessons using the latest hardware and software,” he said.

“We have employed over 250 people, and have been developing virtual reality (VR) and holography technologies from here. Besides education, we want to use this technology in skilling and training,” said Iyer. “We are planning to double our headcount by the end of next year and ramp up our presence globally. Also, our consultancy service will help us work along with clients to come up with curated products. We want to leverage digital technology to find client centric problems. We call this ‘handcrafted technology’,” he added.

Published 18 September 2016, 16:17 IST

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