1,062 school vehicles booked for violations

1,062 school vehicles booked for violations

ACP Kasim Raja speaks at a road safety programme at The Indiranagar Cambridge School in New Thippasandra on Monday.

In a special crackdown, the traffic police recently booked 1,062 school vehicles in eastern Bengaluru for violating rules. 

School buses that had no attendants for children or no proper insurance documents and valid permits were booked. Police also looked for transparent windowpanes that are compulsory in every school bus, Assistant Commissioner of Police Kasim Raja said during a road safety programme for children organised by the HAL 3rd stage Tax Payers and Residents Association at the Indiranagar Cambridge School in New Thippasandra on Monday. 

He raised concerns over parents choosing auto-rickshaws and vans to ferry children to school. "With an intention to escape the hefty school bus fare, parents choose to send their children to school by Maruti vans and auto-rickshaws. Most of these vehicles have outdated engines and are too dangerous," he said. 

Raja also noted that the cases of children aged under 18 doing wheelies and breaking traffic rules were rising because of social media influence. "These children have an urge to prove their biking skills on social media and increase their followers. In the special drive that we conducted this month, at least three children were booked for traffic violations," he said. "These children go on biking adventures mainly during holidays, weekends and late nights. Parents should keep watch on their children." 

At the event, children asked questions about traffic rules and took an oath to abide by them.