12-year-old turns temple wall into symbol of giving

12-year-old turns temple wall into symbol of giving

'Wall of Kindness'

The residents of Whitefield hanging clothes at the 'Wall of Kindness'. 

How easy it would be if people could just walk up to a wall and find things they need hanging?

A 12-year-old girl has created precisely that and named it the “Wall of Kindness”. The pale blue wall can be found at the Hanuman temple on Whitefield’s Sai Baba Ashram Road,  where people can leave clothes in good condition and other materials for the needy to pick up.

“Thieves robbed one of my neighbour’s houses and made away with all their valuables. I was disheartened. I think human beings do such things out of jealousy and constant comparison of their condition with others,” said Shreyasi Sareen, the Class 7 student at Greenwood High, who created the wall of kindness.

“I’ve created this wall to urge the world around me to live with love, kindness and generosity,” Shreyasi added.

She noticed the temple wall on her way to a mall with her mom and requested the priest to allow donated materials to be left there. “He was more than happy to agree. He helps me reach out to members of the pottery community in the area who need clothes,” Shreyasi said.

Her mother Shalini Sareen said the wall was created as part of the random acts of kindness initiative by The Confident Communicator, a six-month programme in which Shreyasi is enrolled. “Each student (pursuing the programme) must do an act of kindness. Shreyasi chose this,” she said.

The wall is becoming popular among Whitefield residents, who have been leaving clothes, utensils and books for the needy. “I’ve donated clothes and people have already taken them. I collect things from donors in my area on every Friday and keep them at the wall,”  said

Shreyasi wants to create more such walls in the area and urge people to donate generously.