20 tonnes of New Year fete garbage collected in CBD

20 tonnes of New Year fete garbage collected in CBD

Pourakarmikas cleaning Church street. The cleaned street (right).

After the New Year revelry, the civic workers had a huge task of cleaning up the plastic water bottles and plastic bagpipes that were strewn around in the Central Business District (CBD) areas on Tuesday morning.

garbage on MG Road
Garbage laying on the road.

Close to 20 tonnes of garbage was collected and removed from MG Road, Brigade Road, Church Street, Cubbon Road and Commercial Street alone on Tuesday morning.

The marshals deployed by BBMP had collected close to Rs 3,000 fines for littering the streets while celebrating the New Years' Eve in these areas.

Pourakarmikas cleaning MG Road.

Though the BBMP officials had strictly informed that those who would litter on Church Street, MG Road, Brigade Road, and nearby areas during the celebrations on New Year Eve will be penalised, the officials could not stop some offenders who littered and threw plastic water bottles and plastic pipers on the road.

Randeep D, additional commissioner (admin), BBMP said that the civic workers began the cleanup drive in CBD areas as early as 5 am on Tuesday morning.

Pourakarmikas on Church street.

Sarfaraz Khan, joint commissioner, health and solid waste management, BBMP said that the marshals controlled people from urinating and throwing plastic waste on streets. “We began the cleanup drive early in the morning, but we found many ragpickers who were there to collect plastic valuables from streets,” said Khan.

Captain Rajbir Singh, the chief marshal who is in charge, said that there was no untoward incident in any of these areas and people were co-operative in Koramangala and Indiranagar, where police and marshals were deployed to curb littering.