28 juveniles fled shelter in 8 months

28 juveniles fled shelter in 8 months

With no basic facilties, escape has become a routine in the boys'correctional house. DH PHOTO.

In less than eight months, 28 juveniles have escaped from Boys Observation Home in Madiwala, as only a single man is deputed each shift to guard 50 delinquent boys.

With no basic facilities and recommended services like counselling and sports activities, escape has become a routine in the boys’correctional home, as one of them keep slipping away in two to three months.

The Department of Woman and Child Development that governs the home has turned a deaf ear to representations by the official from the home to increase security. The staff at the observation home said they had asked to depute eight home guards, but only three had been appointed. This meant there is only one home guard per shift.

There is a need for Group D employees, but the Department did not take the staff shortage seriously. The home has a superintendent, an office staff, beside the single guard.

KBK Swamy, an advocate representing juveniles, said both the convicts and under-trials are lodged in a single room against regulations. The boys are not given good food, while officers also make them clean the place and wash vessels.

“they aren’t involved in any activities. They get no counselling. So little wonder that they slip away. This’s observation home by name only. In reality, this’s worse than Parappana Agrahara Prison,” he said.

Deccan Herald carried a story on Monday, the day when nine of the inmates escaped, explaining the problem that needs addressing at the home.

On Tuesday, police managed to find four of the nine boys who broke free from the home Monday morning. The nine are making the escape bid for the second time as they pried open the bathroom grill to escape.

A senior police official said they caught one from his parent’s home in Bengaluru rural area, while Girinagar police captured three others at 6.30 am Tuesday morning. The boys’ movements were suspicious as one of them tried to call up a friend to get money.

Escapes in the last eight months

  • November 20: Six Juveniles escaped breaking rooftop grill
  • December 3: Eight Juveniles escaped breaking toilet window grill
  • May 26: Six Juveniles escaped breaking toilet window
  • July 23: Nine Juveniles escaped breaking bathroom window grill
  • In 2007 in a planned operation 44 juveniles escaped


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