3 minors among 12 held in crackdown on wheelies

3 minors among 12 held in crackdown on wheelies

The 11 riders arrested by the Kumaraswamy Layout traffic police for performing wheelies on NICE Road on Sunday.

In a major crackdown on motorcyclists doing wheelies on NICE Road in southern Bengaluru, the police broke up a group of riders and arrested 12 of them, including three minors, and seized 20 two-wheelers on Sunday. The police are also taking action against the owners of the two-wheelers. 

The Mico Layout police arrested 19-year-old Wasim Khan for doing wheelies. They also found out that he doesn't have a driving licence and arrested his mother, Mumtaz, who owns the motorcycle. Both were released on bail later. 

In a joint operation, the Kumaraswamy Layout traffic and the Thalaghattapura police arrested 11 people, including three minors, doing wheelies on NICE Road and seized 19 two-wheelers from them. The police are looking out for the others, who abandoned the two-wheelers during the raid and fled the spot. 

The police gave the names of the arrested suspects as Dinesh, Roshan, Jaavin, Santhosh, Syed Saheb, Lokesh, Jishan, Sharif, Siddiq, Vinay Kumar and Ravi Kiran. The police and the NICE Road toll booth staff filmed the suspects doing wheelies before making the arrests.