80% of job seekers keen on politics, seek allied fields

80% of job seekers keen on politics, seek allied fields

Over 80% of employees in India are interested in politics, says a survey by leading job site, Indeed. The study also reveals that men (21%) are more inclined towards building a career in politics as compared to women (12%).

Based on a random sample of 1,201 millennials in the country, aged between 22 and 36, the survey showed that 24% of the respondents would find a mainstream political career interesting, while 21% of them would pursue their interest in politics through a career in its allied fields.

A substantial 34% respondents would find a career as a political analyst interesting, 33% would be interested in working in a government organisation for social service, 33% would find working for human rights and welfare organisations interesting, and 27% would be keen on a career in political journalism.

So what is essential for a career within the political spectrum? Over half of the respondents, 59% to be precise, believe that one needs public speaking and presentation skills. For 53%, the need is for social and emotional intelligence.

Half of the respondents believe that one needs leadership and conflict management skills for the job, compared to just under half (49%) who believe that one must possess the skill of being able to understand the audience.

For 37% of the respondents, the skills required are for crisis management and problem-solving. Nearly half (47%) believe that analytical thinking skills are a must.

Indeed India managing director, Sashi Kumar said: "While millennials have been branded a politically indifferent and disconnected generation, they have evolved a distinct identity of civic activism."