Adopt RWH, get 2 pc rebate on property tax

Incentive proposed by the BBMP likely to be effective next financial year

Many residents of the City who have already installed the RWH structures had complained of not getting rebates on water bills or any other benefit as an incentive for the expenses incurred in installing the structure. The proposed rebate on property tax has come as a relief to such citizens.

The proposal is still in the initial stage and needs to be discussed in the Council meeting. It will be implemented from the next financial year (2011-12) once the Council passes a Bill amending the present statutory provisions, Gopal Swamy, the Engineer-in-Chief, BBMP, told Deccan Herald.

He said Palike has taken the initiative with the objective of encouraging citizens to take up eco-friendly measures. “This rebate will definitely have an impact on paying property tax.  People will not only be encouraged to install RWH structure in their houses but also pay their taxes for the sake of rebate.”

Different criteria

However, the BBMP’s criteria for the rebate differs from the one the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has adopted.

The BWSSB has made RWH compulsory for houses on 60X40 feet plot and new houses on 30X40 feet site. But the BBMP proposes to grant rebate to houses measuring 240 square meters.

Mumbai City Corporation gave effect to the RWH-linked incentive on property tax in January this year. Gopal Swamy said a survey has to be conducted to study the measures initiated in other cities.

Besides the rebate on property tax, the BBMP has taken up RWH across the City by constructing more shoulder drains. The shoulder drains will help drain water on the roads and recharge ground water. The Palike has also took up steps to recharge wells in parks and playgrounds. All the BBMP buildings will also harvest rain water, Gopal Swamy said.
The BWSSB had amended its Act in August 2009 to make RWH compulsory. After one year of the amendment, 18,075 houses across the City have installed the system. Though the deadline to install RWH has been postponed a couple of times, the Board is awaiting ordinance to extend the deadline till the end of this year.  

According to the Gazette of Karnataka, roof-based RWH should have a capacity of 20 litres for every square meter and 10 litres for every square meter for land-based RWH.

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