‘Advancement in tech raises ethical questions’

‘Advancement in tech raises ethical questions’

The advancement in technology has raised more questions on ethics in today’s world, said Bhaskar Pramanik, former Chairperson of Microsoft India, on Saturday.

“Every advancement in technology raises more questions on ethics. These advancements will create a greater need for technologists to understand humanities and for humanists to appreciate technologies that are evolving today,” he said while speaking at the 25th-anniversary celebrations of Goa Institute of Management in Bengaluru. 

The panellists also raised important points on the source of data and the need for human judgment overriding artificial intelligence. They also took a 360-degree view of customers as well as the emerging imperatives on technology.

Talking about the education on data analytics, Dr Ajit Parulekar, Director Goa Institute of Management told DH, “It’s time for all the institutions offering data analytics course to focus on privacy and security breaches it faces.
Now the next big thing will be privacy.”

The aspects of ‘Ethical Data Leadership’ that is fueling the new digital economy, cross-border jurisdiction, third-party involvement, data and privacy, security, and safety parameters along with the usage of cutting-edge technology concerns that are important to leverage data [ethically] to generate the business value were other subjects discussed at the conclave.