After baby's death in womb, woman dies

The woman who lost her baby in the womb on Friday due to denial of surgery on time at the Bowring Hospital here, died in the early hours of Saturday due to serious medical complications.

The victim, Nazeema, developed complications when the labour pain began on Friday afternoon. She was later admitted to the Bowring Hospital. Initially, the doctors said both the baby in the womb and the mother were in good health, but later, the baby in the womb suffered meconium aspiration syndrome, leading to its death. The family members blamed that there were no doctors around and the operation theatre was also not opened.

Minutes after the death of the child in the womb, Nazeema too developed complications. The doctors diagnosed her with amniotic pulmonary embolism, a very rare complication in which the chances of survival are very less, said the Bowring Hospital sources.

The doctors, who were attending on her, said they tried their best to save Nazeema, but failed.

The family members chose not to speak on the tragedy that struck them. They said they want privacy.

“Whatever happened has happened. The person who is separated from us will not come back. We want peace and do not want to make it a public matter,” said one of her relatives.  

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