DH Impact: Horticulture dept stops pathway construction

DH Impact: Horticulture dept stops pathway construction

With the mounting opposition to its plan to lay a concrete pathway under the 400-year-old Big Banyan Tree off Mysuru Road, the horticulture department on Wednesday decided to scrap the contentious project.

DH had reported the department's plans in the October 15 edition and objections raised by environmentalists. Several citizens joined the growing opposition to the project, saying the pathway would block the tree's aerial roots and would pose a serious danger to its existence.

The horticulture department personnel began taking apart the pathway laid around the tree.

"Hopefully, our personnel will complete the task to remove the concrete. We'll lay an eco-friendly pathway using sand and cobblestones that won't affect the roots," horticulture department's joint director for parks and garden M Jagadish told DH.

Jagadish pointed out that the banyan tree is a major lure for tourists visiting Bengaluru. "That's why the tourism department worked on the project to lay the pathway, sitting benches and toilets at a cost of Rs 1 crore. But they were laying an unscientific pathway and, following the media report, we directed them to stop the work," Jagadish added.