Centre to BBMP: clear Kanakapura Rd trash

A mound of garbage opposite the HM Tambourine apartment on Kanakapura Road.

The Ministry of Transport and Highways has written to the BBMP commissioner to address the garbage menace faced by the residents of HM Tambourine, a residential complex in JP Nagar 6th Phase on Kanakapura Road.

The ministry was acting on a grievance letter written by a resident of the apartment Sindhu Gopalakrishnan, to the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) on July 2.

Sindhu, in her letter, had said that there is an ugly spot on an encroached lake at Jaraganahalli on National Highway 209, Kanakapura Road, emitting stench of garbage day in and day out right opposite the apartment.

“When the garbage collectors tried to clear the mess, they even found a body three months ago. You just cannot walk on the stretch without covering your nose,” she added. 

“We have complained to the BBMP authorities and to all the local leaders in the area to address the garbage menace. Since our problem was not addressed, a letter was written to the PMO.

“People here are just throwing debris and garbage, including meat waste at night and turning the place into a dump yard. We have heard that the land is under litigation, which is why there is no interest from either of the parties to fence and protect the property,” added Sindhu.

BBMP’s health inspector said that he was aware of the garbage being dumped there. CCTV cameras have also been installed and to their shock, they found many motorists bringing garbage in their vehicles and dumping it there.

The health inspector said that meat waste dumped there emits stink. On one occasion, while clearing the garbage, the workers found a body and the police were informed. He said that the owners of the property, a joint family, have a dispute over the land. They will be instructed to fence the area to prevent illegal dumping.

However, Vishwanath, chief engineer (solid waste management) in Bommanahalli was unaware of the garbage menace. He said he needs to find out about the issue and then address it.

BBMP commissioner N Manjunath Prasad said that he is yet to receive the letter written by the transport ministry.  “We need to find out if the place is under the BBMP’s jurisdiction and then will look into the grievance and address it,” he added.

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Centre to BBMP: clear Kanakapura Rd trash


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