BBMP dumps waste near Agara Lake

BBMP dumps waste near Agara Lake

Garbage dumped near Agara Lake, HSR Layout on Tuesday.

Heaps of garbage were found dumped in and around Agara Lake in southern Bengaluru on Tuesday morning, shocking local residents and walkers. 

People presumed the BBMP’s garbage trucks were behind it, but it later turned out that the civic body’s workers had dumped the waste after cleaning the lake. 

“We have been working towards rejuvenating the lake, but it’s disheartening to see the garbage dump early in the morning. About eight trucks had dumped the garbage,” said Kavitha Reddy, a lake activist and Congress party spokesperson. 

The BBMP removed the garbage later in the day only after people complained. A BBMP officer said the lake was cleaned on the high court’s orders and that they had dumped the garbage temporarily.