Parameshwara appalled by situation at KR Market

Parameshwara appalled by situation at KR Market

Says there are plans to build three more markets

For years, several mayors and ministers worked hard to clean up the mess at the century-old Krishna Rajendra Market. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) also chalked out several plans, involving NGOs and civic organisations. Yet, the civic major failed to resolve the issue.

On Thursday, the government, with an aim to decongest the market, announced that it will take measures to build three mega markets on the lines of KR Market — on Mysuru Road, Tumakuru Road and Hosur Road. 

After a surprise inspection of the market early morning, Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara was appalled by the system. He also blamed officials for the unscientific and unhygienic management conditions at the market. 

“This market is more than 100 years old and it is in a chaotic condition. While the city has been growing, the market has remained the same, making it the most congested place. To decongest the market, we are planning to have three more similar markets on public-private-partnership model to help vendors,” said Parameshwara.

Following the DCM’s announcement, BBMP Mayor Gangambike Mallikarjun said, “In fact, the idea of multiple markets in different directions was suggested by the deputy CM. As soon as the commissioner identifies suitable land for the markets, we will submit a detailed proposal to the state government for funds.”

Sources in the BBMP said that for over one crore population in Bengaluru, this is the only wholesale market and farmers from various nearby districts get their produce — vegetables, fruits, flowers — making it the busiest place.

“If similar markets are built in other parts of the city, farmers and people will be spread, and it becomes easier to maintain cleanliness. The minister has directed BBMP Commissioner N Manjunatha Prasad to identify places and give an estimate of the expenditure,” she said.

“Once the proposal is ready, it will be placed before the Cabinet after the council’s approval and later a budgetary allocation will be made for the project,” said Parameshwara.

Many shopkeepers are running their business without paying a single rupee as rent. “Many are not paying rent. I have ordered the officials to build an inventory to keep a record of who is paying and who is not. This shows the negligence of BBMP officials. I have ordered the suspension Munilakshmi, deputy commissioner, KR Market, because of these irregularities,” said Parameshwara who has given 18 days’ time for the officers to prepare the inventory.

Though there is a mechanism to process waste in the market, it is not functional. And the BBMP officials failed to respond when asked about the reason. This enraged the district-in-charge minister who has given them a week’s time to respond.

Mayor Gangambike Mallikarjun, deputy Mayor Ramila Umashankar, BBMP Commissioner N Manjunath Prasad, ruling party leader M Shivaraj, police commissioner T Sunil Kumar and other officials were present during the inspection.

Parameshwara is part of the panel for a public discussion on Bengaluru's looming garbage crisis being organised by DH on October 6.