As BDA mends Hebbal flyover crack, key file vanishes

As BDA mends Hebbal flyover crack, key file vanishes

After the Hebbal flyover was recently found to have developed cracks due to seepage and dense traffic, Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) officials are hunting for its files which they claim have gone missing. 

The files will help them ascertain the defect liability period, who is responsible for maintaining the flyover and what legal action can be taken in its absence, apart from the time duration for the construction and the maintenance period. 

On visiting the site on September 19, a team of BDA officials and consultants found that the flyover was not being maintained. Following this, the chief secretary conducted meetings to ascertain who was at fault. However, as the file was missing, they could not fix responsibility and since the BDA continues to be the custodian of the flyover, it took the responsibility of repairing and maintaining it on September 28. The flyover opened to traffic in 2003. 

A senior BDA official said on anonymity: "The project is old. The contract was signed in 2002. We are unable to trace the file as it is around 16 years now. We are looking for the missing file. But what is the use now? The BDA has agreed before the chief secretary and told the media that it will take up maintenance of the flyover." 

The official added that even the actual cost of the project was ascertained after a thorough investigation. The project cost is Rs 65.5 crore. The officials are not even certain who the contractor is and three names are doing the rounds. The BDA will now add a loop and an underpass to the existing flyover, costing Rs 87 crore. 

BDA commissioner Rakesh Singh said the details were being checked for the contract liability. 

Experts and consultants working with the BDA have raised doubts. “We have been asking for details for a month now. Who is BDA trying to save and what are the defects that they are hiding? If the BDA pinpoints the details, then work will be executed faster,” said a team member.