Bengalureans join campaign to save tigress Avni

Bengalureans join campaign to save tigress Avni

People protest at Town Hall on Sunday for saving the tigress, Avni. DH PHOTO/S K DINESH

A group of activists, conservationists and members of environmental organisations in the city gathered on Sunday to save five-year-old tigress Avni. 

They joined the voices across India against the decision of the Maharashtra government to hunt down the tigress. 

The tigress, a mother to two cubs, hit headlines after the Maharashtra government termed her a man-eater and ordered that she be shot her down. The tigress is said to be on the prowl in Ralegaon area of Yavatmal district in Maharashtra. 

Over 100 people gathered at Town Hall with placards urging the Central government to ensure that the tigress is saved. "Though many signature campaigns are held and many are lending their voices (to the campaign) across India, this is the first one organised in Bengaluru," said Shruthi V Nithin, the founder of For Love of All Pets (Floap), which organised the protest. "We are not here just for one tigress, but wildlife and forests as a whole." 

Volunteers across India and Bengaluru are holding the save Avni campaign under #letAvnilive and #speakupforAvni. A signature drive was also held to save the tigress and her cubs. "So far, 60,000 people have signed the campaign and more are being coming on board. The government has to strike a balance between development and conservation," Shruthi said.