KIA terminal access road to be 10 lanes wide

KIA terminal access road to be 10 lanes wide

The widened road will also feature an elevated lane, running parallel to the airport metro line. DH Photo/ B H Shivakumar

Catering to rising passenger and cargo traffic, the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) will have its terminal access road upgraded from the existing four lanes to 10 lanes. This is also expected to aid seamless truck movement to the airport’s cargo terminals. 

Once the airport’s second runway and the second terminal are commissioned, the KIA’s capacity is projected to increase to 65 million passengers per annum. The widened access road will also feature an elevated lane, running parallel to the airport metro line, as indicated by Javed Malik, Chief Operating Officer, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL). 

Trucks currently enter the KIA premises through a service lane to the left of the access road, taking the extreme right lane on the return trip. “The service roads will now be doubled to aid the free movement of trucks,” an airport official said.

Dedicated truck terminal

Anticipating a big rise in cargo traffic, a dedicated truck terminal is also on the airport’s agenda. Currently, about 1,000 trucks unload export material from the catchment area to the 48 docks at the terminals. “The two-acre terminal will have fuel stations, charging ports, and facilities for drivers. The parking lot will be able to hold about 250-300 trucks.” 

Eleven dedicated freighter aircraft and dozens of civilian flights carrying belly cargo ferry export material from the KIA to destinations worldwide. But this figure could rise exponentially once the runway is commissioned. “The airport’s cargo business now contributes 11% to the state’s GDP,” informed Malik. 

The introduction of bonded trucking service linking the KIA with Tiruppur (for garments) and Coimbatore (appliances) has increased the truck movements further. Statutory documentations are done at the origin, allowing an uninterrupted flow of material to the airport by road. 

Next month, the cargo terminals will be linked to a third origin point, Ambur, for leather products. Also in the pipeline are pharmaceutical products from Goa. This tie-up has been scheduled for December.