Bengaluru: Bee attack affects entire neighbourhood

Bengaluru: Bee attack affects entire neighbourhood

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An elderly woman and her son sustained grievous injuries after being stung by a swarm of bees in Nelamangala on the northern outskirts of Bengaluru on Monday. 

Dayananda, 37, was working on his farmland near his house in rural Nelamangala's Gandhinagar when a swarm of bees launched a vicious attack on him. Dayananda, who had apparently failed to see the bees coming, let out a piercing shriek. 

His screams drew his mother Lakshmamma, 62, as she ran out of the house and tried to rescue her son. But she, too, was stung by the bees. Both of them quickly ran into the house but the bees didn't spare them. They entered through the windows and attacked the woman and the son. Hearing their screams, neighbours called an ambulance and took them to a hospital. 

Three children playing near a banyan tree close-by were also wounded in the bee attack. A senior police officer surmised that the boys had thrown stones at the beehive from a distance and run away. The bees also attacked stray dogs and forced them to flee. 

Gram panchayat officials later visited the spot and promised action to prevent such incidents. Many swarms of bees exist around the area.