Cops seek to build assault case against Nalapad

Bengaluru cops seek to build assault case against Nalapad

Mohammed Nalapad

Vyalikaval police are trying to contact the people who witnessed the clash between two Congress workers, Mohammed Haris Nalapad and Sachin Gowda S, during a debate contest organised by the party on Sunday. 

Nalapad, his gunman and two other associates have been booked for assaulting Gowda during the event.

Nalapad has filed a counter-complaint, accusing Gowda of abusing him and threatening to defame him in the media. 

It all started when Gowda pointedly asked a Youth Congress leader why Gautam, the son of Congress MLA from Basavakalyan, B Narayan Rao, was not called on the stage to distribute awards to the winners of the debate contest. 

The contest is said to have been Nalapad’s initiative, and he was very much seated on the stage. Gowda then took up the matter with Bengaluru Youth Congress vice-president D K Shivakumar. An argument ensued soon after, prompting State Youth Congress president Basanagouda Badarli and Nalapad to intervene. 

Soon after, Nalapad walked up to Gowda and allegedly slapped him. His gunman also allegedly slapped Gowda 10 times. 

“We are contacting the eyewitnesses to get an account of what actually happened at the event. We have summoned a few of them,” a senior police officer said. “We’ll investigate the matter thoroughly as both the parties have filed complaints.” 

Meanwhile, a picture of Nalapad meeting KPCC president D K Shivakumar was widely circulated on social media. A source claimed that Shivakumar warned Nalapad against being on the wrong side of the law. “You are the Bengaluru Youth Congress president and the son of an MLA. You should behave well,” he is said to have told Nalapad. 

Nalapad first came to the limelight in February 2017 after he allegedly assaulted a fellow diner at a UB City pub. Last month, he was arrested following a road accident involving a Bentley that left three people, including a six-year-old boy, injured. Nalapad was released on station bail. 

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