Alert residents end peeping Tom's six-month-long run

Alert residents end peeping Tom's six-month-long run

Representative image. (Photo/Pixabay)

A 28-year-old peeping Tom’s six-month-long run came to an end on Monday night when residents caught him climbing the terrace of a building and trying to cast a furtive glance into the washroom of a house. 

Kanakraj, of Sudhama Nagar, had been illegally entering residential buildings on Chowdappa Road, Shanthinagar, at night to peep through the windows of washrooms. He wanted to look at women relieving themselves or just changing clothes. 

Kanakraj was so brazen that his actions soon drew the attention of local residents. The residents installed CCTV cameras last month and lodged a police complaint. Kanakraj slipped under the radar for some time but went back to his old days before long. 

Residents decided to catch him red-handed and stepped up night vigil. When Kanakraj arrived on Monday night and started climbing the terrace of a building, residents gave chase and pinned him down. The Wilson Garden police arrived at the spot and took Kanakraj into custody. He has been arrested for voyeurism .