Bescom worker thrashed for snapping power supply

Bescom worker thrashed for snapping power supply

A Bescom meter reader was thrashed by three men after he snapped the power connection of a house in Banaswadi on Thursday. The police said the meter reader snapped the connection over non-payment of bills for the past eight months.

Instructed by his senior officials, the Bescom employee, Santosh Kumar, went to the house in Nagayanapalya belonging to one Richard to issue the notice and disconnect the power supply for non-payment of bills.

Kumar found the house locked. So, he pasted the notice on the door and disconnected the power line. As he was walking out of the gate, Richard and two of his associates asked why he snapped the power line.

Before Kumar could ask him to read the notice pasted on the door, Richard kicked and punched him, while his associates held Kumar. Passersby tried to rescue Kumar, but Richard head-butted the Bescom worker and threatened to kill him if he came near his house again.

Kumar bled from the nose and was taken to a nearby hospital. Kumar reported the incident to his superiors before filing a police complaint.

The Banaswadi police have taken up a case of assault and obstruction of a public servant on duty, and are investigating.