Cash custodians flee with Rs 1.6 crore

Cash custodians flee with Rs 1.6 crore

Police have launched a manhunt for two custodians of a cash management company who are on the run after stealing Rs 1.6 crore which they were supposed to deposit in ATMs. 

The suspects, Anand Reddy and Pavan Kumar, were employed with Logicash, a cash management company headquartered in Cox Town. Company officials told police that the two men had been appointed to replenish several ATMs in East Bengaluru on Tuesday. 

Instead of doing their job, the men took the money and ran. The crime was discovered the following day when the executives verified the transactions of the ATMs and found a shortfall. 

The matter was brought to the notice of the security manager who attempted to reach out to Reddy and Kumar, only to find them inaccessible.

Pulakeshi Nagar police have registered a case of criminal breach of trust and cheating against the two men.