Cop ‘bitten’ by Nigerian woman on deserted road

Cop ‘bitten’ by Nigerian woman on deserted road

Photo for Representation.

A policeman was allegedly bitten by an African woman after he questioned her why was she standing alone on a deserted stretch along the Kammanahalli Main Road around 1 am on Saturday. 

Govindappa (48), a constable from the Banaswadi station, was patrolling the streets along with his senior, sub-inspector Shahjahan, when he noticed the woman standing there all by herself. The constable walked up to her and enquired about her nationality. She replied that she was Nigerian. 

The policemen then asked her what was she doing there at such a late hour and feared for her safety. The woman replied that she was waiting for a friend. The policeman decided to stay around until her “friend” arrived. But the woman became angry and got into an argument with him. Govindappa warned her to leave the place immediately and go home. 

The woman asked the policeman to mind his own business. Things went out of hand when Govindappa reprimanded her. She pounced on him and bit his hand so hard that it started to bleed. 

Other policemen alerted the control room and took Govindappa to a hospital. A team of policewomen arrived at the spot and hauled up the woman to the Banaswadi police station. She was later arrested.