Film-goer beaten to death over Rs10 parking fee

Film-goer beaten to death over Rs10 parking fee

Selvaraj and Shekar

A film-goer was beaten to death over a Rs 10 parking fee at a cinema hall in eastern Bengaluru. 

Bharani Dharan, 38, an employee at a tile store, arrived at Lavanya Theatre on St John’s Road around 4.30 pm on Thursday to watch Tamil film Kanchana 3. He was apparently late as the show had begun by then. 

He quickly parked his two-wheeler and darted into the theatre without paying the parking fee. Selvaraj, a parking attendant, followed him and demanded Rs 10 as the parking fee. Bharani Dharan told him he doesn’t have the change and promised to pay him later. But Selvaraj didn’t agree and got into an argument. 

The quarrel got out of hand when Bharani Dharan hit Selvaraj in the face with the two-wheeler keys. Shekar, a housekeeper at the theatre, rushed to the rescue of Selvaraj. The duo overpowered Bharani Dharan and dragged him into a room where they brutally assaulted him. 

Bharani Dharan sustained injuries on the head and the chest, and soon passed out. 

Seeing the fight, a film-goer called the police control room. 

A patrol car arrived at the theatre and took Bharani Dharani to the Bowring hospital. It was, however, too late as doctors declared him brought dead. 

Police arrested Selvaraj from the spot but Shekar absconded. Police arrested him on Friday afternoon after tracking his call detail record.